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 We now offer Intuitive Readings + Angelic Healing!

The Pine Torch is committed to being an instrument of illumination, a beacon of light in darkness, and a trailblazer in the world. That's why we now offer intuitive readings. I have hand-selected our advisors based on who I use for my own spiritual counsel. As an intuitive/psychic myself, it has been a long journey to find a tribe of women who I trust implicitly with the sacred task of providing gentle but laser-focused guidance. These women have guided me through some of the roughest times and I want to offer their gifts to you as well, knowing what an impact they have made on me!  Click each listing to read about our amazing healers!

Choose from 3 different types of sessions, depending on your focus:

  • Spiritual Advising
  • Angel Healing
  • Intuitive Tarot

30 minute sessions are $40
60 minutes long and a flat rate of $70

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