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Yoni Eggs and Wands

Well, hello Queen. You're in the right place. Time to get intimate.
Yo•ni (yōˈnē)
Hinduism A stylized representation of a vagina worshiped as a symbol of a goddess or Shakti.

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs are highly polished semi-precious gemstones carved especially for the female Yoni. We've been researching the idea of selling these sacred products for over a year and have meticulously culled all of the sources looking for the safest, most reputable source. It was important to us that the products we sell are organic, GIA certified semiprecious gemstones -- the highest quality yoni eggs and wands on the market. GIA (Gemological Institute of America, one of the foremost authority on diamonds, gemstones, and pearls since 1931) certified yoni eggs and wands ensure that the yoni eggs you receive from us are safe, pure, and authentic gemstones that have not been heated, dyed or altered.
Only the best for my queens.
If you are unfamiliar with yoni eggs, they can completely revitalize your sex life and tone and strengthen your pelvic floor. In particular, if you are a mama who has struggled with a difficult pregnancy, multiples pregnancy, or traumatic birth -- or even any pregnancy, these beautiful eggs can strengthen you physically and heal you emotionally and spiritually. Many women make a ritual of inserting these carved gemstone "eggs." You can begin by cleansing your egg with sage and set an intention. Use for only a couple minutes a day to tone your vaginal muscles, re-awaken your intimate space, and increase your sexual energy. Honor the goddess within you!

What are Crystal Sex Toys? 

Crystal Sex Toys are highly polished semi-precious gemstones carved especially for sacred sexplay, for both men and women. Just like our Yoni Eggs, Our Crystal Sex Toys are carved from the same GIA Certified semi-precious gemstone. Whether you're looking for a dildo, g-spot wand or curved wand, you're sure to awaken higher levels of consciousness and transform your intimate time with one of our sacred sex toys. Also, they're pretty. If you leave one hanging around people might actually mistake it as a crystal or piece of art. 

Which Yoni Egg is right for me?

For centuries, women have secretly harnessed the distinct energies of Yoni Eggs to enhance their sexual pleasure, ease menstrual pain, replenish energy, and prepare for motherhood. Whether you are an elder, a mother or a maiden, your chosen Gemstone Yoni Egg ritual may aid in physical healing, manifestation and spiritual nourishment. 

Gemstone Yoni Eggs come in three different sizes:

Stage One: Large Yoni Eggs: 3.8cm x 5cm
Stage Two: Medium Yoni Eggs 3cm x 4cm
Stage Three: Small Yoni Eggs: 2.5cm x 3.5cm

Stage One - Large Yoni Egg: We recommend everyone who has given birth start with a large yoni egg. Large yoni eggs are the best option for strengthening the pelvic floor because of their weight and size, which give the best resistance for a good pelvic floor work out.

Stage Two - Medium Yoni Egg: We recommend starting with a medium size yoni egg if you have not given birth. Our medium size yoni eggs are great for maintaining pelvic strength after you've worked with the large for 8 weeks. Medium size yoni eggs are recommended for spiritual work.  

Stage Three - Small Yoni Egg: Our small yoni egg is for advanced users wanting to challenge their yoni egg exercises. You can also combine a small yoni egg and medium yoni egg together to work with two different energies at the same time.

Orgasmic Manifestation

Historically, the sexual organs of women were venerated and regarded as the central haven of health, power, wealth and youth. To have a Yoni is a reason to celebrate!  Every human being has roots in the womb of the feminine, making the womb the logical domain for a woman's source of creative power. To give birth through the power of the womb is unique to women, and eloquently describes this sacred manifesting source within you that waits to be tapped.  Activate and claim your womb power with one of our Yoni Gems and experience the power of your yoni to birth new ideas, projects and businesses! 

Womb Cleansing

Whether it be from miscarriage, disease, abortion or sexual abuse, Yoni Gems work as little energy healers to help women transform stored trauma and spiritually renew their womb space and hearts. To experience a gentle and effective, private healing session, use an Obsidian Yoni Gem ritual to absorb and cleanse womb trauma followed by Rose Quartz to infuse love and bliss into your heart chakra.  Bring back the pleasure that is the gift of a healthy womb space.

Harness the power of yoni egg to awaken the divine feminine hiding inside of you. Yoni eggs and jade eggs have a myriad of benefits that can take you to new levels of self-love and pleasure you never knew existed. As you open up, consciously connecting your mind and yoni channeling the vibrations of crystals, you bring upon the orgasmic, juicy sensual being within, all while strengthening and toning   your most sacred space.

Don’t wait any longer to join the revolution of feminine empowerment. Be your most bold, fierce, sexy self you can be! 

Cleanse & Charge:  

A gemstone never loses it's earth given energy, however, it's a good idea to clear and prepare your yoni gem to remove any negative energy that may be lingering. Also, you'll want to charge and infuse your yoni gem with your own energy and vibrations for the ultimate healing experience. Here are some of our favorite ways to clear and prepare gemstones: 

Sun or Moon light: Place your gemstone under the sun or moon light. Let sit for a couple hours or as long as you feel is needed. 

Sea Salt: Place your gemstone in a bowl of sea salt and allow the salt to charge. 

Smudge: You can use Sage, Palo Santo or Cedar, burn some sage and spread over your crystals allowing the cleansing smoke to be absorbed, do this for a few minutes. 

Earth:  Place your gemstone in the earth; on grass, in a hole, on the beach, in a plant etc. Let it sit over night or a couple hours.

Meditate: Crystals can assist in meditation by magnifying personal energy while connecting with the universal powers. 

Set Intentions: Hold the crystal in the palms of your hand, state your intentions out loud or in your head. Repeat your intentions until you feel they are set. 

Manifest Dreams & Goals: Hold or wear your crystal, close your eyes and envision what you want. Think about it in detail; How does it feel, what does it look like, smell like, taste like...Align yourself with what you want.

Heal: Place the gemstone on your body of the corresponding chakra. Slowly move the stone upward directing the energy flow. 

How to clean your Yoni Gemstone:

Upon receiving your gemstone, you'll want to give it a gentle cleaning.

Place your gemstone in a bowl of hot soapy water. You can use any natural soap, or our Yoni Cleanse. Gently agitate for a few seconds and leave your gemstone to soak for up to five minutes.

Rinse clean with fresh water and allow to air dry or gently wipe dry with a cloth.

After each use, please clean according to instructions.

*Never place your gemstone in boiling water.
*Never use harsh cleansers or soaps.

Our gemstones are natural, holistic body care items. The great thing about them is they are non-porous, making them naturally antimicrobial, thanks mother nature!