60 Minute Intuitive Reading - Stacie Martin

$ 70.00


We now offer Intuitive Readings + Angelic Healing!

The Pine Torch is committed to being an instrument of illumination, a beacon of light in darkness, and a trailblazer in the world. That's why we now offer intuitive readings. I have hand-selected our advisors based on who I use for my own spiritual counsel. As an intuitive/psychic myself, it has been a long journey to find a tribe of women who I trust implicitly with the sacred task of providing gentle but laser-focused guidance. These women have guided me through some of the roughest times and I want to offer their gifts to you as well, knowing what an impact they have made on me! 

Stacie specializes in 3 different areas:

  • Spiritual Advising/Life Coaching + Reiki healing
  • Intuitive Tarot + Reiki healing
  • Spiritual Coaching - Focus on addiction, trauma, grief

60 minutes long and a flat rate of $70
30 minute sessions are $40

To book a session, fill book a time via the "Book Now" button below. You will then need to check out by adding this product to your cart via the website (no coupon codes are allowed to be used on these products).  


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About Stacie:
Stacie Martin is a Reiki Master Healer in the Usui Method, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Psychic, and Spiritual Life Coach. As a grateful sober woman (going on four years), she has helped guide countless women in addiction, abuse, grief, and loss.

Stacie has the experience and capacity to hold space with you even during your darkest times. She understands the sacred nature of healing work and creates an environment where women can learn tools to heal themselves. She embodies the principles of The Pine Torch - being a healer who enlightens the path for other women and shows them the way. Empowering other women through healing.

In Stacie's own words: "I was able to step into the light by first diving deeply into the dark. I became familiar with it...lived there even. I learned its many names and many motives. Most importantly, I learned the pathway out. Because of my personal experiences and past trauma, I am able to understand and empathize when someone is stuck, and can help them find the pathway home. Your future is never set in stone - you always have the power within you to change your course and make magic!

You can read more about Stacie's journey on her blog: www.manifestedmama.com



What is The Pine Torch?
A mother in an ancient Latin poem, upon giving her away for marriage, reminds her daughter to always:

Bind thy brow with flowers /
pound the ground with thy feet /
shake with thy hand the pine torch

The pine torch is the universal symbol of illumination, the instrument of a wayshower, the beacon of light held by someone courageous enough to light the path even in darkness.


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