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***As featured in Buzzfeed's "28 Hilarious Onesies You Need to Force Your Baby To Wear"

This is the perfect funny and sarcastic design for your little rascal. One of our most requested designs! How can you resist? Hilarious. Such an awesome statement bodysuit. Let your sassy baby do the talking for you. Unsolicited advice? BYE, FELICIA! Sanctimommy with her panties in a twist? BYE, FELICIA! Mother-in-law who doesn't know best? BYE, FELICIA!

Someone doesn't agree with your breast-or-bottle-feeding/cloth-or-pampers-diapering/stay-at-home or working mom/crunchy or Yellow Dye #5-ing/co-sleeping or in-da-crib/Baby Einstein-ing or Kanye-ing ways? Repeat after me: BYE, FELICIA!

Raglan tees come in infant - adult sizes.

3-6M: weight: 7-15 lbs.; chest: 14 in.; length: 17-24 in.
6-12M: weight: 16-22 lbs.; chest: 16 in.; length: 25-28 in.
12-18M: weight: 23-27 lbs.; chest: 18 in.; length: 29-31 in.
18-24M: weight: 28-30 lbs.; chest: 20 in.; length: 32-34 in.
2 years: weight: 21-34 lbs.; height: 32-36 in.; chest: 21 in.
4 years: weight: 35-41 lbs.; height: 36-40 in.; chest: 22 in.
6 years: weight: 42-45 lbs.; height: 40-43 in.; chest: 23 in.
8 years: weight: 49-52 lbs.; height: 48-50 in.; chest: 26 in.
10 years: weight: 54-62 lbs.; height: 51-54 in.; chest: 27 in.
12 years: 62-75 lbs.; height: 55-59 lbs.; chest: 28 in.