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This amazing hand-drawn BABA - baby bottle tarot card design is perfect for a boy or a girl - and it's exclusive artwork from our THE MOM DECK. The bottle, the baba, the source of all life for your child. Perfect for the witchy pumping or formula feeding mama.

Don't forget to check out THE MOM DECK: A hilarious, 42-card spoof deck is bursting with colorful and raw vignettes of pregnancy and Motherhood, put together into a convenient, oozing, Motherhood sandwich – with the crusts uncut – and of course, features our patron saint, "MaDamn Skeleton." Read it and weep – or is that the hormones?

NB: 5-8lbs. 
6M: 7-15lbs.
12M: 16-22lbs. 
18M: 23-27lbs.
24M: 28-30lbs