Wearable Prayers for Modern Warrioresses.

The dichotomies of being a woman today are exhausting and insurmountable. Women ache for something that resonates with their inner and authentic voice; they crave validation in their struggles and to live life as art, to make their sacrifices valuable. That’s where having meaningful, symbolic, and beautiful clothing can contribute to that lifestyle. Our company is mama-owned, is handmade and small batch printed. We don't sell tees, we make wearable prayers.

Awaken, Goddess.

Blaze the Trail.

Light the Path.

Pass the Torch.

Join the impassioned movement of women worldwide.

Time to rise. Time to ignite.


Our clothing sparks imagination, determination, and joy - for any age.


Inspiration Behind The Brand

The brand is inspired by an ancient Latin poem by Cattulus, which expresses the intimate moment of a mother preparing a daughter about to go off to marriage, putting flowers in the young child-bride’s hair, and “giving her away” to a new family. Her parting words: 

Bind thy brow with flowers //
Pound the ground with thy feet //
Shake with thy hand the pine torch

The poem is an invocation of strength. It implores the daughter to remember who she is, to be free and authentic, stay grounded, and blaze a path of truth, even in the face of the unknown. Even during painful transitions. Especially when being called to rise up.

Meet Mari, Owner of The Pine Torch

Mariana Toscas (Mari) is a published poet, artist, radically authentic, spirit-centered entrepreneur and power mom of four. After achieving her masters in poetry and continuing through a couple of years of her PhD in Women's Spirituality while working in the magazine publishing world, she became a mother and everything changed. Struggling to find a way to support her infant twins and toddler while tethered to her breast pump for hours on end, she used her last $500 to purchase a heat press and make edgy and bohemian designs just for babies...until their mothers wanted some of their own. And the rest is history.

Mari channels her own real-life experiences with abuse, miscarriage, twin life, and having a son with ASD into an amalgamation of biting humor, ethereal imagery, unabashed truth-telling, and a nod to the feminine divine. This potent recipe serves as the catalyst to ignite women on the verge of becoming their authentic selves even, and especially, in the face of struggle. The brand quickly grew, extending worldwide and growing into an impassioned movement of women who are inspired and inspire through The Pine Torch: a tribe of women on the cusp of discovering their authentic selves and coming out of the spiritual closet. As a spirit-centered entrepreneur, Mari's business mission goes beyond delivering products: She speaks her truth even when it isn't considered profitable or clean, often rebelling against "ticking the boxes" of consumerist or media expectations. She strives to touch the lives of her customers through original, handmade products that inspire, activate, and illuminate the authenticity and originality of every woman who comes in contact with her brand. Women who want to wear their light.

Autism Power Posse, Our Personal Journey

10% of sales from our Autism Collection are donated to Autism Speaks as a tribute to our twins. 

When Phoenyx didn’t respond to his name at one, I waited. 
At two, when he wouldn’t look into my eyes while I held him, I asked questions.
At three, when he managed to sneak out of the house and was found alongside the highway, I realized this was actually a life-or-death situation.

He was crying out for help, but his internal world was as locked away as one of those wooden koyosegi puzzle boxes that take countless steps to open, and he had swallowed the key. I could hold my son but his mind was 35 interlocking layers away from me.

First, I grieved. Privately. As a mother you realize your wants and hopes and dreams for your kids are nothing more than your own whining, self-aggrandizing ego. So I checked that. I took several seats and shut myself up long enough to re-learn who my son was. I shed the layers of what I thought my son would or should be. I learned to love him in the present.

Him, not my projection of Him.
Him, not my Pinterest board of Him.
Him, not my Christmas card version of Him.

My son has autism, but my love for him is not on a spectrum.

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