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If there ever was a magical and symbolic plant to nurture, the Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection plant, is truly amazing. When dry, the plant shrivels into a small ball, keeping itself safe from the elements. When it gets wet, it opens and re-blooms, time and time again.

The plant has been used in different religions and practices for its symbolism of resurrection and prosperity. Christians associate this pant with Jesus, his crucifixion and resurrection, as the plant was said to have mysteriously shriveled up upon his death and then bloom again three days later for his resurrection. The rose is also seen as an agent of prosperity, and the water the plant sits in is told to hold powerful magic.

To use this beautiful plant: Lay it in a dish of water, covering its roots. Allow it to sit in the water (for no longer than seven days, as it can rot after too much time in water). Place the bowl near your front door or an entrance to your home to invite prosperity into your life. You can also place coins into the water to magnify the ritual.

Some families pass their rose down from generation to generation.