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Chances are the sugar content in most juice boxes is off the charts, and unless you read the fine print, your child’s juice box is from powdered concentrate, or even more likely, isn’t even mostly from real fruit.

But that won’t stop me from hoarding these rectangular vessels of pure delight in every nook and cranny on the house, stockpiled for even the worst tantrum and doled out like communion for when Mama just needs a minute.

Don't forget to check out THE MOM DECK: A hilarious, 42-card spoof deck is bursting with colorful and raw vignettes of pregnancy and Motherhood, put together into a convenient, oozing, Motherhood sandwich – with the crusts uncut – and of course, features our patron saint, "MaDamn Skeleton." Read it and weep – or is that the hormones?

NB: 5-8lbs. 
6M: 7-15lbs.
12M: 16-22lbs. 
18M: 23-27lbs.
24M: 28-30lbs