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"You know those lularoe leggings? Imagine that buttery softness and that stretchy forgiving fabric. Got it? Now wrap it up in exquisite individuality, dreamy quality, and artistic grace. Yeah, that's what these Pine Torch shirts are. I'm a minimalist but these have me seriously wavering."

Brittany C.

"I love this tank. It does not disappoint. For someone with a baby pouch stomach it hides it wonderfully and does not cling around the mid section which is what I look for in a shirt. And the designs are awesome. Unique and fun. Will be purchasing from The Pine Torch again in the future."

Alexis C.

"This shirt is a total pleasure. The softness of the material against your skin makes you feel like you are wear pjs in the middle of the day. Thanks Pine Torch for helping me express myself with your creative designs. I own 16 of your shirts because you can never have too much of a great thing ( except chocolate cake)."

Kate S.