$ 28.00


Hey little boho babe! This beautiful, hand-illustrated design is a bohemian masterpiece. Designed in collaboration with the super talented artist, @birdblackbird, this exclusive, stunning depiction of Frida, surrounded by boho symbols and flowers, makes this a boho chic addition to any little boy or girl's wardrobe. This bold yet simple design will keep your little hipster, edgy baby or toddler looking like a cool, unique, and modern.

6M: weight: 12-16lbs.; chest: 9-1/4 in.; length: 23-27 in.
12M: weight: 17-21lbs.; chest: 9-3/4 in.; length: 27-29 in.
18M: weight: 22-26lbs.; chest: 10-1/4 in.; length: 29-31 in.
24M: weight: 27-31lbs.; chest: 10-3/4 in.; length: 31-33 in.
2T: weight: 31-33lbs.; chest: 11-1/2 in.; length: 33-36 in.
3T: weight: 33-36lbs.; chest: 12-1/2 in.; length: 36-39 in.
4T: weight: 36-40lbs.; chest: 18-1/4 in.; length: 39-42 in.
5T: weight: 40-44lbs.; chest: 19-1/2 in.; length: 42-45 in.

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