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You - yes you...Have you stayed true to yourself despite the criticism, the nay-sayers, the iron fists, the patriarchy? Did you give birth? Have you built your empire? Have you lost but you still keep chugging? Have you climbed mountains - physical and spiritual - have you endured the tundra of life and you're still coming up for more? Do you step up for your kids, your family, your fellow sisters? Are you alive and swinging? That's right. Because MAMA RAISED A FIGHTER. And you're not going down, you're just getting warmed up. Nothing can stop you now!

Artwork @speconeart

S: Fits sizes 2-4
M: Fits sizes 6-10
L: Fits sizes 10-14
XL: Fits sizes 14-18

.: 60% combed ringspun cotton, 40% polyester
.: Slim fit
.: Runs smaller than usual